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      Our concession fees have added over $2 million 
                 to Park budgets over the last 5 years!                                          






  • Over 12 million satisfied customers.
  • Wholesome family activity with a variety of products ideal for families, couples or singles.
  • Enhanced revenue stream.
  • Capable of creating a seamless fit with your facilities.
  • Unique product regularly maintained for the safety & reliability.
  • Responsive, professional local owner/operator.
  • One million dollar liability insurance policy.
  • Customized to your requirements, with or without existing facilities.
  • Group & Teambuilding programs.

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Monthly magazine readership

The Business of the Playground - May 1, 2010
Inc. Magazine recognized Wheel Fun Rentals as one of the
companies that helps keep park playgrounds fun and tangle free. 




Diversified entertainment for all ages, groups, and customer profiles, maximizing visitor satisfaction, pleasure and recreational usage.

From Fort Myers Florida, to Seaside Oregon, at the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego, on the Riverfront in Louisville Kentucky, at Stearns Wharf Santa Barbara and on & on, Wheel Fun products add pleasure to leisure destinations.

We also offer wheel chairs, adult tricycles and strollers where applicable.





Wheel Fun offers the only fleet designed for the safety and reliability required for rental use. We are the exclusive designer and importer of the Quadricycle Surrey, the Deuce Coupe side-by-side Tandem, Quad Sport go-cart, Chopper Three Wheeler and Slingshot. No other products are available with the high levels of safety, reliability and performance required for rental use.

Cycle product is generally single speed (with the exception of some bicycles), with low gearing designed to reduce speed and increase safety.


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